How does it work?

The group meets twice a month for 90 minutes on the first and third Monday of every month from 7:30 PST to 9:00 PST (10:30 EST to 12:00 EST).


How many people in the group?

We currently have 8 and with the interest we’re getting we will be at 12 in the next month or so.  We are in the process of creating a new group.


Is there a group size limit?

We believe that 12 members is the limit.  It depends a little on how well each meeting is attended.  In our experience roughly 25% of the members miss any given meeting.  A group of 12 is a good number. Not too small, not too big.


How long has the group been around?

We started the group within a staffing association for CEOs called NISA.  Over time we found that the association was too small to allow the group to grow, so with the association’s blessing we expanded outside the walls to serve CEOs across North America.  Our outreach began a few months ago.


Are there competing companies in the group?

No, we clear all new members with existing members of the group.


Where are the members located?

Our members are all over the country.  From New York to Seattle.


What areas of staffing do members serve?

It’s all over the board.  Some serve office and light industrial markets while others focus on technical services like nursing, engineering or investment banking.  Some serve only their local markets, others have a national reach.


What do members talk about?

All members want to grow revenues and profits and reduce stress at the same time. Topics run the gamut, covering topics such as client acquisition, candidate sourcing, back office systems, employee selection and development, compliance, workers comp, etc.  


What is the primary value of a CEO peer group?

CEOs have a lot of decisions to make. Some are made slowly and some are made in a vacuum without the benefit of advisors.  By being part of a peer group, CEOs make better decisions more quickly. Over time, faster and better decisions have a powerful impact on the company’s success.


What’s another value of the group?

Great CEOs are always learning. (They “sharpen the saw” as Stephen Covey advises in The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.)  In a group, beyond having specific decisions addressed, members learn from all the issues others bring to the table most of which every member is dealing with or has dealt with to some extent.   

Also, members develop relationships with each other and communicate directly outside of the group meetings as needed.  It’s all part of having a capable and committed team of advisors and supporters.


How much does it cost?

The investment is $195/mo. Which is just a fraction of the value of one new client or one better process, or many new placements etc.


Is there a contract?

There’s no contract but members can’t jump in and out of the group.  They’re either in or out.


What happens if I can’t attend every meeting?

That’s pretty common and it’s why the monthly investment is only $195/mo. If a member can’t attend a meeting they are asked to send the group leader an email in advance.


Who is the group leader?

The meetings are facilitated by Brian Kinahan who is a CEO coach and trainer.  He is a certified facilitator who has been leading in-person CEO groups for 12 years and online groups for 3 years.   Previously Brian was a CEO for 10 years, a COO for 4 years and a business turnaround consultant for 5 years.


What makes a good member?

The best members are ambitious, hardworking, courageous and avid learners.  They must also be generous in the sense that they are asked to help other people and must find satisfaction in creating benefit for others.


Do you screen prospective members to be sure they’re a good fit?

Yes.  We do the best job we can to make sure that all members fit the profile and if necessary we remove people from a group if their presence is negative.  We also find that people who are not good in a group self select out because they don’t enjoy it of find value.